Tanglefoot Ballroom Dance Club•

Friday, September 12th is our
  “Roaring 20's” DANCE!!!

 Music will be provided by 
      Ronnie Martin, so put on your Flapper Dresses and Gangster Suits and lets dance!!!

  Dress Code Update!!!
 Coat and tie are optional for men
Shirts must have a collar
 After Five is acceptable for the Ladies
See Calendar for exceptions!
Thank You for keeping our Club to a high standard! 

Tanglefoot Dance Club has been providing Ballroom dancing for over 50 years in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. It is steeped in rich history and its members, young and old, have kept dancing throughout the ages.
Be part of the next fifty years and enjoy the fun whether you are Falling in Love with a Foxtrot, Jumping to a Jitterbug or Taking the Lead with a Tango!


 “Dance is the hidden language of the soul” 

For all of our Ladies without an escort,

We provide Dance Hosts here at Tanglefoot!!!

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We host our dances at
National Hall on the second Friday of every month.
For details on dates, times and performers see the schedule link.
For directions click on the National Hall Link above! 

Our Dance is from
8pm to 11pm.

Pricing is as follows
Guest- $15
Member- $10

Annual Membership: $25