1st VP - Marina Motet-King

2nd VP- Jesse Morgan

Ast Treasurer- Alexandra Neary

Steeped in History

For nearly 60 years

Tanglefoot Dance Club

Serving the Public

our leadership team

3rd VP- Pat McCoy

Treasurer- Yolanda McMurtre

In October 1958  one Mr. B.T. (Nub) Johnson and many other advanced dancers from the Arthur Murray’s M.A.D.’s (Murray’s Advanced Dancers) Club  decided to created an independent social dance club. At the Arthur Murray’s Studio dancers who seemed to have two left feet had been jokingly called “Tanglefooters”, so with a great sense of tongue and cheek  the founding President and Board adopted the name proudly and it has been called Tanglefoot ever since.

It is interesting to note, in the height of its popularity, Tanglefoot’s membership had to be restricted due to its large number of applicants. Finding venues with enough space to accommodate the club was difficult so new members had to be placed on a waiting list. This led to membership requirements like “regular attendance required to maintain membership status” being made to guarantee who would attend the dance or if there would be room for a new applicant. It often required the support of multiple members and a vote by the Board. Now it is much less formal

Today, Tanglefoot Dance Club has moved from being the most popular among many so many to being one of the only that survived the test of time of generations and nearly 60 years. The Club is known for upholding its heritage, maintaining its traditions relating to ballroom dancing, and at the same time striving for innovation.

The Club has come a long way from its humble beginnings as an off-shoot of the 50’s.

Members still strive for quality dancing to Big Band music. The quest continues for members who desire to be good dancers, who love to dance, and who want to put their dance skills into practice. The growth of Tanglefoot Dance Club into the friendly, quality club it is today did not just happen. It is partially the result of dedication and hard work of its officers, but most of all, the loyalty, faithfulness, and support of the membership throughout the years.

President- Matt King

Recording Secretary- Janet McCoy

Corresponding Secretary-Marquita Jordan